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Everearth - 7 in one garden activity centre


The EverEarth 7-1 Garden Activity Cube encourages hours of fun and learning

When your little one learns to sit up, they have a whole new perspective of the world. And, they’re always observing, learning and shaping their perception of their surroundings. So, activity cubes are a great way to channel their energy and introduce them to both objective-oriented and open-ended play.

The EverEarth Garden Activity cube has seven exciting activity segments that’ll keep your curious toddler fascinated for hours. The sustainably made activity cube features

  • counting beads,

  • color and shape sorters,

  • spinning gears,

  • and a fun bead maze on top.

The cube’s cheerful paintwork, which includes bright flowers and shapes and little animals, also attracts kids to tinker with it for hours.

Give your bright-eyed child the gift of curiosity with the EverEarth Garden Activity cube and watch them blossom as they gradually master their counting, shape sorting, color-recognition, and fine motor skills. It's great for sharing with friends too as they can all play together with the cube.

The size of the cube is approximtely 40cm x 40cm x 35cm (H)

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