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Foxx & Willow - Fusion Pram Garland - Pink


The Fusion Pram Garland is made from non-toxic, BPA free silicone & natural beech wood beads & rings 

Garlands measure approximately 47cm in length plus ribbons at the ends for easy pram attachment. Alternatively, we also use the extra large rings at the end which mean you can feed the Garland straight through the belly bar (on prams with removable belly bars).

*Please Note*
These products undergo a stringent quality control inspection and tested to meet Foxx & Willow standards prior to shipment. Please examine the product each time prior to use and discard at the first sign of wear and tear.

This product is rdesigned to be used under full adult supervision. Foxx & Willow accept no responsibility for accidents or injury that may occur due to the misuse of these products or when used without adult supervision.

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