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Golden Goose Tutu Dress


The dress to wear when you need a little extra sparkle. Medium length tulle skirt with cotton lining. Cotton jersey bodice with gold sequin embellishment. Adjustable straps

Tutu Du Monde is a boutique girls clothing brand based in Australia. Reminiscent of a vintage garment, these beautiful tutu dresses for girls are delicately hand-made out of natural materials - cottons and silks in warm soft tones. These boutique dresses for girls are then decorated with beading and lots of sparkles which makes them look a little bit like French ballet costumes.  All dresses are hand-crafted and hand-dyed which makes them a complete opposite of mass produced, synthetic tutu dresses and skirt. When you purchase a Tutu Du Monde dress, you can be sure that you are getting your girl something that will make her feel very special. These cute tutu dresses for girls are perfect as flower girls dresses or princess dresses for girls who love to get lost in the word of make-believe.

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