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Dear Mummy Love From Us Book


A beautifully designed and heartwarming hardback book for every mother, celebrating the wonderful things she teaches her children and the wonderful lessons her children teach her.

With stunning, colourful illustrations, Dear Mummy Love From Us highlights many of the life lessons a mother and her children have together. Some examples are:

• You teach us to look. We teach you to see.
• You teach us that we are important. We teach you what is truly important.
• You teach us to trust. We teach you to let go.

With a dedicated space at the front for a handwritten personal message, it becomes an extra-special and unique gift. It’s a wonderful present from children to their mother that will be treasured forever.

Dear Mummy Love From Us is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, a birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion when a mother needs to feel loved and special.

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