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Everearth - Shape Sorting Noah's Ark


Ever Earth is a company which truly cares about children.

They make toys which bring them hours of fun and teach them boundless skills, but they are also deeply committed to producing those toys in an ecologically sound manner – so that those very same children will inherit an Earth which is as beautiful in the future as it is now.

Made from durable wood which has been sourced from renewable forests, various recycled materials and water based paint – these toys are safe for children and safe for the planet!

Welcome to Noah's Ark! This fantastic shape sorting toy is simply delightful. Children love the story of Noah's Ark, filled with two of every animal on earth, and it seems like the Ever Earth version has just as many! The little wooden ark is easy to put together and comes with pairs of wooden animals ranging from zebras to leopards, and even Noah and his wife are there. Kids will have a ball sorting the shapes to slot them through the right holes, and learn so much in the process.

For toys that children will love, that are made with love and care, choose Ever Earth

Set Includes:

  • Ark – 24 x 17 x 22cm.
  • 1 x Noah.
  • 1 x Noah's Wife.
  • 1 x Ladder.
  • 2 x Zebras.
  • 2 x Tigers.
  • 2 x Leopards.
  • 2 x Giraffes.
  • 2 x Elephants.
  • 2 x Snakes.
  • 2 x Crocodiles.
  • 2 x Doves. 

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