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Milk Addict - Silicone sensory icy -pole poppers


Perfect sensory toy for busy little hands! Not only will they love to pop it but the icypole also has letters and numbers making it fun and educational!

Sensory Toys are the new thing. Everybody is talking about them.  So what are Sensory Toys, and what exactly do they do?

A sensory toy is one that is specially designed to stimulate one or more of the senses. Our toys are made from suede smooth silicone that has a uniquely smooth feel, whilst also offering easy-grip. Our toys are designed for interaction to stimulate the mind, with a beautiful range of colours to enhance visual stimulation.

• Sensory toys help to build nerve connections in the brain.
• They encourages the development of motor skills.
• They supports language development.
• They encourage  'scientific thinking' and problem solving.

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