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Swell - Teakwood Eats 636ML - Brown


Imitating the charm of raw materials and natural fibres that can be found in the world’s most picturesque forests, the Teakwood range, part of the Wood collection, features a smooth matte finish and resembles mixed distressed woods.
The perfect companion for meal prep, S’well Eats™ 2-in-1 food bowls are ideal for fuelling your food needs at home or on the go.
Simply prep, nest, go — and eat!
We have indeed reinvented the food bowl.
S’well Eats™ is sustainable, durable and leak-proof, keeping yoghurt and salad colder, and stew and pasta hotter for longer.
Food will remain hot for up to 7 hours and cold for up to 11.
Designed in two parts; the outer bowl is made from temperature-controlled stainless steel, while the Triton™ inner prep bowl is microwave and freezer friendly.
Good for meal preppers and on-the-go eating at work, school and outdoor weekend trips.

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